Hypnotherapy Sessions for Adults in Wakefield
Hypnotherapy is a relaxing therapy which can be very effective with a wide range of issues such as:

Managing Change
Emotional Difficulties
Personal Development
Low Self Esteem
Panic Attacks
Weight Issues
Improving Sports Performance
Breaking habits/addictions
eg.smoking, nail biting

Hypnotherapy involves you being taken into a relaxed trance like state called hypnosis. Most of us experience natural trance states from time to time similar to daydreaming, or those times we may have driven down the road without remembering the route as our mind has been elsewhere. Once you are in this very relaxed state then the therapy takes place. It is easy to work with the subconscious mind when the conscious mind has relaxed and help the subconscious find ways to help you achieve the results that you require from therapy. Like all therapies it only works if you are committed and motivated to want to make the changes you require.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy then please contact me to discuss.

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